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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Shopping 'til I'm dropping!!

Well, it certainly was a very busy day today.  Considering I only have two weeks in which to get everything organized in order to move across the hall into my new apartment, I thought I had better get up and at 'em early this morning and boy, did I accomplish a great deal.  I started off by stopping into Sears and buying a new double bed, (mattress, box spring, frame and black wrought iron headboard).  After that, I went to a local furniture store and purchased a black dresser with mirror and black night table, so that I will be able to furnish the third bedroom suitably in case I have out of town company.  I have never before made any large purchases such as I did today and I was very surprised at how well I handled it all, considering I am such a feeble, old lady, LOL  Later in the day, I was able to pick up three fetching black, white with some colour, paintings which I think I will string across the top of the bed.  (On the wall silly, what were you thinking??)

New couch (with chaise lounge attached) and complimentary chair (not a set).  A gorgeous wooden desk with a leather(?) inlay and fancy chair to match - this will be for my computer (getting rid of the large, old black desk).  New bistro style dining table and two chairs, very chic.  I wish I had photos to share but I don't - will have to wait until I am all moved in.  Gosh, what else did I buy????  Oh, yes, a pair of green sandals and believe it or not and for those who have known me for some time, I am not wearing pantyhose, that was unheard of until recently.  I even painted my toenails - the world is surely going to come to an end!!!!

All in all, it was a very good day.  I also stopped by the Library to pick up a reserve but Kellee wasn't there, was looking forward to seeing her along with my other ex-co-workers.  Hope you are feeling better Kellee.

This is what I saw in Kitchener and couldn't resist taking a pic of it - how appropriate!!

I wonder what they sell in there??

This is a pic of the balcony with pergola that my son built on his home this summer.  He is quite handy.

I had intended to take a sideview picture of it, but I forgot.  Too late now, LOL  Will have to wait until the next visit.

These two little guys slept with me every night, well, let's face it, no-one else would, LOL  I'm told that they really missed me when I left and drove my DIL nuts that first evening.  They were soooooo cute.

I really don't have any good photos of me and Rhys that I can share with you, in fact I only have a couple and I'm not very pleased with them, they are not very flattering, let's just say they are more fattening, so it's best not to post them - I don't want anyone to have nightmares!!  Okay, it's time to say TTFN before I really bore you to death.  Have a great night's sleep and I hope you will be refreshed and filled with the joi de vivre in the morning.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Home, Sweet Home

Well, I'm certainly glad to be home, but I'm sure I will miss my darling grandson terribly.  It's hard to believe just how much he has changed in the last six months, gone from a baby to a little man.  What a personality he has.  I had the pleasure of sharing in his second birthday - he was a perfect host to his friends and even entertained the adults later in the day.........

Anyway, the trip (13 hours) wasn't really that bad as I had the Sony e-Reader that my fabulous co-workers at the Library bought me as a leaving gift, but the trip back was very long and tedious and I didn't have anything to read as the books that I had downloaded before I left home had expired.  You have to have access to a computer to download more or extend them.  I think I just might invest in a laptop for future trips so I can blog, e-mail and download books.

My two sons and my precious daughter-in-law were very hospitable (I'm sure I must have been a pain in the butt some of the time, LOL) and they tried to make my vacation enjoyable.  The highlight of course was seeing Rhys and getting all the cuddles and kisses I could handle.  I shall certainly miss that.....

Okay, that's enough showing off.  You'd think I was the only woman in the world with a fabulous grandson........

When I returned home, there was a message on my machine from the doctor's office and my blood is still low, so have to go for more bloodwork in about a month.  I certainly hope this can be sorted out and I get more strength back.

Also, my super called and asked if I could be out of my apartment by the 15th July (I thought it would be by the end of July) so that the new person can move in on the 1st August.  Of course that is fine with me but I now have a big push on to arrange for the moving of my "stuff" across the hall and call the utilities people, etc. and I also had planned on buying new furniture and finding a home for the old, so I had better get cracking.  I also have a Craft Show to prepare for all in that time span, so it's going to be pretty hectic for a while.

Last but certainly not least, a very BIG thank you to my buddy Laurie from "How my time flys" for looking after things whilst I was away and watering my plants on the balcony.  She did such an excellent job of taking care of them that even my Christmas cactus is blooming again - I think it was only two months or so ago that it was in full bloom.  Kudos to Laurie.

That's all for today - hope I haven't bored you silly - I really have to find some fun stuff to write about but I had to share about my recent trip.  Talk to you soon.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Me, My Sony E-Reader and the Greyhound Bus

Today is the day I head out of town to visit my grandson (he will celebrate his second birthday whilst I am there), and his family.  I am getting very excited.  I've decided to travel light for a change as I have in the past taken far too much with me, forgetting that they are civilized, they have washers and dryers, even if they do charge me $2 a load, LOL  I'M KIDDING!!!!  It's a long trip on the Greyhound bus (13 hours) but it will be worth it at the end of the road.

Managed to get a walk in yesterday (actually a couple) - it was a gorgeous day.  Went to Sears and bought a couple of pairs of sandals.  I thought it was about time I tried being cool and wearing sandals without socks (panyhose).  I have very sensitive feet and get blisters very easily but these new sandals are great and I wore them to the Mall and back and my feet were fine.  So, here's to a new me, LOL Then in the evening I happened to glance out of my window and the local yacht club was out in full force.  What a beautiful view I have......

Well, I had better get back to packing my suitcase.  I'm starting to get a little nervous but I will be fine - I have my e-Reader, my cell phone in case... and a snack for when I get stuck in Sudbury for an hour or so tonight.  I probably won't blog again until I come back home.  I hope you will all be well whilst I am away.  Talk to you again soon.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Another beautiful day

Just got back from the doctor's office.  This time it was the lupus specialist and she is very concerned about my haemoglobin levels and is going to keep tabs on me and the anemia - have to keep taking the iron pills and change my diet somewhat but it will take time and that's okay because that's hopefully what I have lots of.  Going for a walk soon but just took a picture of my balcony and the flowers are doing just fine.  This time of year I really miss my garden but potted plants can be the next best thing.....................

I should spend more time out there because it really is pretty.

I did go for a lovely walk along the boardwalk this afternoon and took some pictures.  It's that time of year when the geese have hatched their goose eggs and they are so protective of their babies.  I almost got a photo of two males fighting as one got too close to the other males babies.  Here's a couple of them, they are so cute when they are small but such a pain in the butt when they are full grown.

It really is quite lovely here at this time of year and the flowers are just being planted - we have a shorter growing period here in Northern Ontario and we like to make the most of it.  Some local views I hope you enjoy..........

There's nothing much on TV this evening so I guess it is another quiet evening of reading Tess Gerritsen, not that I'm complaining.  I'm rather enjoying this retirement lark, I haven't read this much in ages.  Have a great evening and I'll be back as soon as I can.

Monday 13 June 2011

Lots to do

It's almost two weeks since I have retired from the Library and I cannot fathom where the time has gone.  If I were to have a few days vacation I would be chomping at the bit to go back to work but I'm finding that the days are rushing by - I hope things slow down soon but not to the point where I get bored.  I just received some photos of my retirement from my immediate supervisor and I'll post one of me being presented with a nice cheque from the Library Board by our Director and my Department Head - very nice...................

I was asked today if I would help out sometime with our local Arts Council in assembling their monthly magazine called "Articulations" - I said I would, they only have to call.  I would like to do some volunteer work but am not sure where yet.  I'm sure it will find me, just like it did today.  I signed up for two of the local Craft Shows which will be coming this summer, RotaryFest and Art in the Park.  I'm sure there will be more but I wanted to make sure that I was guaranteed a spot before I left on vacation.  They are so much fun.

Also went for my bloodwork this morning, I'm hoping that my haemoglobin levels are up and I won't need any more transfusions.

I finished the book by Tess Gerritsen "Harvest" and am starting on another one by her entitled "Girl Missing".  It's been a while since an author has captured my time and attention and I'm really enjoying her work.

Bought some new towels at Wal-Mart today for my new bathroom, in lilac.  I thought lilac and green would go well together and I have some new bathroom accessories in those colours.  Can't wait to put it all together.

Just a few more days and I will be heading out of town to see my darling grandson (and his mummy and daddy, dog and two cats).  I can't wait to hold him and kiss him and cuddle him.  I hope he doesn't find me strange, most people do, so I will forgive him if he does, LOL

Time for bed.  Have to get up early (just like when I was working) as I have a doctor's appointment with the "lupus specialist".  So, TTFN, be good and I'll connect with you again soon.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Simply Sunday

Nothing much to write about today.  It's been a quiet Sunday so far - read a bit (I'm in the middle of Tess Gerritsen's "Harvest" and enjoying every word), and am now waiting for a friend to come and pick me up to go to the movies with a few other friends.  I think we are going to see "The Bridesmaids" and I have heard that it is stupid and vulgar, so I guess I will just have to make up my own mind.

Tomorrow I have to go and get my bloodwork done to make sure that my haemoglobin levels are up (they were down to 66 and I had to get two units of blood a couple of weeks ago) and then on Tuesday I have to go and see another doctor regarding my lupus (part of investigating why the haemoglobin levels are down).  It will be great to feel healthy, I can't wait.  On Thursday I will be heading out of town, on the Greyhound bus, to see my darling grandson (and his mummy and daddy of course) - he will be two years old when I am down there, so grandma will have to spoil him, not that I would need an excuse.

It's a beautiful day here and I have been out twice enjoying a walk - I actually fed the geese and their babies - too bad I didn't take my camera and get some pics - I never think to do that.  Laurie is the smart one, she takes her camera out with her.  Talking about Laurie, she brought me a couple of her lemon scones again yesterday, they are delicious, what a great cook she is...........

Well, we did go and see "The Bridesmaids" and on the whole it was a funny movie but it did contain too much swearing (can't believe that young ladies of today talk like that) and was a little gross in parts, but we did have a laugh and met for coffee afterwards and discussed it, amongst other things.  Nice to spend time with friends.  Goodnight and God bless.

Friday 10 June 2011

Time is flying!!

Well, it's been just over a week since I retired and I don't know where the time has gone.  Actually, it's as if I were on vacation - people say that's what it feels like at first and I think they are right.  The other day I visited my husband's gravesite and took a new saddle wreath to put on the headstone.  I seem to have to do this every year as some "deadbeat" steals it.  I know the wind doesn't blow them off as I make sure that they are good and tightly attached.  Well, they must need it more than my hubby does, probably some out of work guy looking for a gift for his mom for Mother's Day!!!!  Here's a picture of the site all tidied up with the new flowers and I also planted some pansies this year.  When the flowers bloom it should look very pretty.

What I found strange was that the headstone behind my hubby's belongs to the father of a good friend and I didn't even know it all this time.  She told me that when she visits her father, she pulls any weeds she sees on ours.  What a nice lady.

I received an e-Reader from my colleagues as a "going-away" gift.  It's a lovely Sony Reader and I can't for the life of me figure out how to download books.  I am very eager to get it working as I will be heading out of town in a week to see my grandbaby (picture beneath) and I wanted one to use on the long bus trip.

I've been going through my clothes since I left work and disposing of all my good clothes, except for a few items, in case I get invited to any "do's" and for Church of course.  I can't believe how may items I owned and I still have absolutely loads left.  I must tighten my belt now that I am a senior on a pension and watch the pennies and that means no more shopping for wearing apparel - right, I'll believe that one.  I have lots of addictions and that's one.  My other addictions are buying beads and other craft supplies to make my jewelry and greeting cards.  Perhaps one day I will post some of my creations here.  Every year I do all the big Craft Shows which are held here locally - it's so much fun and I meet so many interesting people.  Well, this is all for now.  Look forward to visiting with you guys on your blogs also.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Yippee, it's working

I don't believe it, it's working, Yippee. Now you are all going to be sorry when I get into the mood to write. I have to learn how to link and invite the other delightful people to view my blog. I have read so many of Lauries that I almost feel like I know you anyway. TTYL

Tuesday 7 June 2011

So now I'm retired!!!

Well, I did it, I retired from my job at the local public library after almost 25 years.  I had a wonderful bunch of colleagues and they took me out for supper to say their goodbyes.  I had a delicious hamburger, but I was shocked and almost embarrassed when it came to the table - it was the cowboy hamburger and was the size of a horse.  Here's a little picture to show you what I mean.

Needless to say, everyone had a good chuckle, including the customers all around.  Oh well, you only retire at age 65 years once in your lifetime.  The last few days have been busy with appointments, signing papers and shopping.  Hopefully I will have something fun to write about next time I log on.  This is just a way of saying hello and hoping that you will join me on my travels.  Laurie, you got your way, but you are going to have to help me.  I haven't a clue as to where this is going.