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Tuesday 31 July 2012

A Sunday Walk in the Park

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday so I decided to take a walk to our local park with my camera at the ready.  Before I load up the many, many beautiful photos, I will show you my latest "craft" - I made cushions and painted them with crows.  I hear crows are very popular, so I'm hoping to sell all of them.  I have made seven and so far I have sold four.....................

And now, sit back, relax and enjoy a walk in Bellevue Park.  Before I list all the photos, thanks so much to all the cardmakers out there who asked to see the cards I made and I hope I didn't cause you to fall asleep as there were so many, as there will be of the park photos.  One nice thing about the computer is that you can turn it off if it overwhelms you, LOL  Here goes............

Before I leave you for the night..... tomorrow, my dear friend Laurie's hubby is facing a frightening test and as with most tests, the outcome could be very scarey and involved.  Please remember him in your prayers tonight or first thing in the morning - I believe in the power of prayer and the good Lord will know for whom you pray, even if I haven't named him.  Thanks so much.

Well, nighty night dear friends, thanks for spending your precious time with me.  Have a good sleep and a wonderful day.