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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Sorry, I misled you!!

I guess I was hoping that the next time I posted the weather would be well on the way to warming up.  I'm waiting for the snow to disappear so that I can hop on the Greyhound bus and go and visit my darling grandchildren, and their parents of course.

I haven't had too many projects on the go since my last visit with you - I actually I can't remember exactly what I have been doing, LOL.  This is the desk and chair that I mentioned that I was going to refinish - I ended up painting it in an off-white.  I'm not sure if I am going to be taking this over to my Boutique or not and for the time being, it is in my apartment with my television sitting on it.  I rather like my tv up higher than it was.

It looks a little messy in that corner at the moment and one of these days I will tidy it up, especially if I decide to keep the desk.  I have to admit that if I could get the desk to my Boutique without any trouble, then it would be there by now, but it really is a little too large for me to carry it on top of my shopping cart, which I usually use to transport the larger items I work on, too much snow on the sidewalks for me to lug it over there!!

Now, the chair is a different matter....

I upholstered the chair with a lovely deep turquoise vinyl, easy to keep clean especially if children are going to be using it.  Since taking these photos, I decided to shabby up the chair but I didn't take a photo of it.

I did another magazine rack, shabby chic of course, LOL

My sweet son Phil did something very special for me, he ordered and had mailed to me a coffee mug with a photo of my sweet grandchildren.  What a delightful surprise that was..

He has a really kind and generous heart.  Thank you so much Phil.  I will treasure it.

I picked up an armful of vintage, musical dolls to put into my 
Boutique for sale.  So far I haven't sold one, just waiting for the right person to come along...

The last thing I did was to make/assemble two pictures using some of the turquoise vinyl and two 3D plastic cutouts which I painted and put in a lovely painted black frame.  I think they are rather cute, but I would, wouldn't I?

Well that's it for my creative ability this time, not too impressive but the pickings have been slim on my thrifting expeditions.  As always, I will end with a couple of photos of my darling grandkids sent to me by the wonderful day care provider they have.  Her name is Anna and she has become my friend and I enjoy visiting with her also when I go to visit the family - thanks Anna....

Sweet little Kat and darling big brother Rhys...

Take good care of yourselves, hope it warms up soon.