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Sunday 31 July 2011

Steamy, Sultry, Sunday

Today has been another very hot day, for us Northern Ontarians anyway - we are not used to these hot, humid days like our neighbours in the South.  The weather sure has been changing over the years.  Anyway, for the want of something to do, I decided to walk from my apartment to the local park (Belleview Park).  It took me longer than I thought it would to get there but once there, I could pace myself, so I sat down with a nice Maple Walnut ice-cream cone and proceeded to snap a few photos here and there.  I expected the park to be teeming with people but it was rather quiet, I expect everyone else was at the beach.  Here's a few photos.........

I did have a few of the water but for some reason they didn't come out, perhaps it was too bright.

I had put my Christmas cacti out on the balcony when I first moved in here and it has been blooming like crazy.  I expected the hot sun to kill it, but it has been thriving, in fact my friend Helena also put hers outside after seeing mine and hers has been beautiful.......

The blossoms on mine have been larger and also double flowers whereas before I have only ever had one.

Talking about Helena, she has been bugging me to de-clutter my apartment and if I listened to her, I wouldn't have anything but the bare essentials, but I must admit, she has been right about quite a few things and she finally persuaded me to buy a "word" to place on top of my curio cabinet.  Instead of talking about it, I should show you...........

It really is quite lovely, isn't it?  And, to top it all, my other dear friend Laurie just told me that she has seen a gorgeous painting in one of the local malls which also has a Parisian theme.  It's in the colours I am favouring and has a raised Eiffel Tower made of wire.  She thinks it would be fabulous above my new cream sectional, la di flipping da!!!  I've just finished creating a lovely collage of paintings above the sectional and I'm not listening to her, no, I'm not, well, perhaps I will go see it.............. Friends, what would we do without them!!!!!!

Sunday 24 July 2011

It almost feels like home

I've been in this apartment a week now and it's really beginning to feel like home.  All my new furniture has arrived and I think it looks fabulous, such a big difference from my old, heavy stuff and with it has come a feeling of emancipation - freedom from the past and shedding of old memories.  It's all good.  Here are a few photos of my new surroundings, light and airy and my aim is to keep everything uncluttered, which for me in the past has been a little difficult to do.  I have disposed of so many possessions, including five large garbage bags of clothing which I donated to a local charity and practically all my old furniture was exchanged for band new.  Oh, I nearly forgot, the photos....

This is the new dining area.  Compared with my old place, this is very uncluttered.  My son and I had supper here just a little while ago and it felt very comfortable.

New sectional (smaller type) with glass coffee and end tables.  Big is not always better.  I posted my bedroom a few days ago so will not do so again, but this is a pic of the spare room.....

Finally, thought I would leave you with a photo of the beautiful clock with which I was presented upon my recent retirement from the Public Library.  The City had it inscribed, very posh looking.

Well that's it for today, it's been rather a quiet weekend, but one nice thing that happened on Friday evening, I had dinner with a special lady, Elaine, with whom I worked at the Library.  We had supper at Sandros and then came back here for a cuppa and also to show off my new place.  I think Elaine approved.  Talk to you again soon.

Thursday 21 July 2011

It's about time

I have been so very busy with moving from one apartment to another (just across the hall) that I haven't had time to sit down and "blog" and I still haven't finished with organizing things at this end, but I thought I should "touch base" with you and let you know how things are going so far.  I'm waiting on the delivery of my new couch and will then post pictures.  I have really done a job on my accommodations, cut down on possessions and the new furniture I have purchased has been much smaller than my old.  It's a good feeling to purge - I don't know why I was keeping all this stuff because none of my sons want my "junk".

Anyway, whilst I was still in the process of moving "across the hall", I would leave both apartment doors open to make it easier to cart things back and forth.  I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new bed, which turned up on time, and I proceeded to attach the headboard and get it all set up and then make the bed up with all new linens, etc.  Imagine my horror when I went into the living room to get the new sheets and pillows only to find that the sheets, still in the original packaging, had been stolen.  Can you believe that?  Sometime in the previous couple of hours, someone had walked in and taken them.  Well, I was pretty ticked off by that and had to go out and purchase a whole new set of linen, so - so much for the bargain I got the first time around when I found lovely double sized white sheets with a satin stripe throughout on sale.  Having to purchase two sets of sheets, new comforter set and a mattress cover cost me a small fortune and then yesterday, I bought another set of sheets 'cos you can't just have one set!!  Boy, do I go on and on, but that's not the end of the story.  Eventually, at the end of the day, I gratefully snuggled in my new bed and dropped off to sleep, only to wake in the middle of the night wondering where the new key I had cut (to give to my son) was - I didn't recall seeing it all evening where I had placed it ready to take to him.  Of course, I had to get up and check and that was missing also, so I can only assume that whomever stole my sheets also took the key.  Now of course I can't go back to sleep thinking that someone is going the sneak into my apartment and steal my cookies, which made me almost want to toss mine, LOL  Of course I had the lock replaced that morning, but what nerve people have.  Here's a picture of my new bed.  I'll say TTFN and will post again when I have more pictures of the work in progress.  Hugs to all.

Sunday 10 July 2011

I wonder what today will bring?

I wonder what today will bring?  I have almost finished moving my chattels over to the new apartment, except for those which I am selling or using.  I have cleaned behind the fridge and stove and the stove itself.  Have to clean the fridge today.  All the closets have been emptied and left tidy.  I'm touching up the paintwork where pictures have been hanging as I go along so that might be all I will have to share about today, so...... I thought I might just put a few pics of my jewelry on, just to fill up the space.  I have been creating my jewelry for about four years.  Ever since my hubby died, I have tried to find something to fill the void, but the longest craft that I have been involved in has been the hand-crafted jewelry, knitted scarves and greeting cards.  I have been using a lampshade to display and photograph my stuff on, it's easier that way, but if anyone has a better way, please let me know.

And this is just a tiny, tiny selection of what I do have made.  After my move next week, I have to prepare for a local Fair.  Every year the city puts on what is called The RotaryFest.  It's a special event which brings in lots of money which is put to good use in the community.  I have for the past four years had a booth where I sell my creations and I usually manage to recoup the money I have spent on materials.  I don't expect ever to make a "killing" but it certainly is a good thing when you get your investment back.

I didn't mean to "Publish" this, I was going to save it until later in the day, but you never know, there may be something of interest to add later.  Anyway, have a wonderful day.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Moving is a sweaty business!!!

Well, I've been working so hard for the last couple of days moving the small items out of my apartment into my new apartment across the hall.  You would think that it would be very simple, but I haven't stopped sweating, "glowing" for those of gentle disposition, but for me right now, it's SWEAT.  I nearly suffocated myself with the fumes from the oven cleaner, but I sure did a good job.  It seems a shame to leave it now for someone else, LOL  I can't wait to share some photos of my newly fitted out place.

Took a break and went for a walk along the River.  It was beautiful.  I had hoped that the trail would have extended to Bellevue Park but it stopped just after the old hospitals and I didn't fancy walking along the Main Street til I got to the Park.  I was having trouble walking that far anyway but at least I made the effort.  I moved a few other small things and am taking another break and walking in the opposite direction to the Mall to pick up a few items.  Be back soon.

It's now just after 9.00 p.m. and I have been at it most of the day, moving stuff, that is.

I started this a week ago but have been too busy to finish it off, so this evening I am going to add a few words and then post it.  It has been a very busy week with sorting, cleaning and disposing of many items.  It's not something anyone can help you with.  At least this way I will not be carting unwanted or dusty items to my nice clean apartment.

First thing this morning I walked all the way to the furniture store where I bought my new goodies last week and found a lovely glass coffee table with two end tables.  They are quite small and will give a fresh look to my living area.  My old ones were large wooden ones, beautiful at one time, but they are a little old-fashioned now.  I just can't wait for it to all come together and I will post some photos.  Thanks for following my blog.  Have a great weekend.