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Monday 27 May 2013

On the move again!!

I finally got the result of the cat scan on my chest and thank the good Lord, it was not devastating after all.  Thanks for all your prayers, I'm sure they must have helped.  The scan showed some abnormalities and they want me to repeat the scan in six months, so, life goes on!!

The last few days I have been feverishly moving my shared room into two new rooms in the warehouse.  I still can't believe how much "stuff" I have.  I found items that I had forgotten about buried beneath layers of newer purchases.  Hopefully, everything will be spaced out nicely and easy to get to.

I haven't had too much time to create anything lately, for obvious reasons, but here are two things I worked on..............

Would you like to see some photos of my new rooms?  You might as well because I really don't have much else to talk about this time...............

I'm almost finished over there but still have a bunch of stuff for which I have to find a home - if I can't, then I will just have to put them in the store cupboard and bring them out at a later date.  I have really been enjoying myself the last few days - it's going to be a new beginning.  The worst that can happen is that I won't get enough customers to make it worth while, but I have always said that if the worst comes to the worst, then I can always donate it all to a few worthwhile local charities.  I like making a little extra money, but it's the fun of creating, thrifting and meeting new people that really interests me.

Just before I go, please say a prayer for my dear friend Laurie and her hubby Garry.  He had another heart attack on Saturday night and is now resting comfortably in hospital.  Of course, they are doing a barrage of tests and there is the possibility that he could be flown to Sudbury for treatment.  Please ask the Lord that the doctors will be given the wisdom and ability to take care of him and also to take care of Laurie too.  What a delightful couple they are.

So, that's it for me for today.  I hope you are having a wonderful week.  We are finally getting some good weather.  God bless....

Thursday 16 May 2013

Retirement "Ain't no vacation"!!

Who would have thought that retirement would be this busy!!  Some days I think I work harder than when I was gainfully employed, but you know, I wouldn't change it one bit.  I love having something to do every day, even if it is only creating or chasing down a bargain for my Boutique.  I loved working at the Public Library and before that, in the Library of the Public School System.  Of course, when I did go back to work when the kids were able to take care of themselves, I really didn't expect to do it for any more than a couple of years, just long enough to help out with the family budget.  As it turned out, it was the best thing for me to be employed full-time as circumstances changed.  Anyway, this week has been a mix of medical appointments, thrifting and re-purposing.

On Monday I had to go for a cat scan because when I had x-rays taken of my back and chest recently the results were not good - showed that my spine had severe arthritis and a spot on one lung, hence the chest cat scan.  Praying that all will be well and I'm not worrying about it unless I have to.  Wednesday I went for my monthly back injections, OUCH and then today, Thursday, had to go and have my eyes tested again because one of the meds I am on for Lupus could affect my eyesight.

On to recent creations..............

And this is how things look in the Boutique at the moment.....

Just to give you an idea of what I do to keep myself busy and also to not give in to my health issues.

I am running out of space and have asked if I can move into another room on my own and I have to say that I will be absolutely delighted if I can get it and then arrange everything is a more orderly fashion instead of bunching everything up into a rather cramped area.  I think my two partners in crime will be happy when I do also, so they can also spread things out.  We really didn't think that we would accumulate so much "stuff".

Along with all this, I do have a wonderful and diverse "bunch" of friends and we do the movies, theatre, lunch, etc. so you can see that I really am not retired, just changed hats, LOL

Don't have any new photos of the darling grandkids.  I will be taking the Greyhound bus in the near future to go and visit and be putting my camera to good use.  'Til I chat with you again, I hope that you will all stay healthy, safe and happy.  Big hugs,