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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Day after Canada Day

Hi there, this post was supposed to be sent out on Monday, the day after our Canada day, but unfortunately I deleted it by mistake.  I was so ticked off at myself.  I had walked around my neighbourhood taking photographs.  It was very quiet, nothing was open, not even the concession booth to get a pop or ice-cream.  Lots of people here own cottages or camps and the weather being so glorious, I guess that's where they were.  Well, here goes, I managed to retrieve the photos..............

 And the Library, my blog having commenced after I retired after almost 25 (mostly happy) years.

A few pieces of artwork outside the Art Gallery, which is right next door to the Library.  I also have my jewelry featured there for sale also.

 Our beautiful modern City Hall.

Whilst I'm typing this, the fireworks across the river in Sault, Michigan are filling the sky with beauty.

 Canada geese and one little ducky swimming on a little inlet from the St. Mary's River next to City Hall.

 Gardens around City Hall.

People having fun on the St. Mary's River.

 A few more goosies, LOL

I hope you enjoyed the scenic trip around my town.  I was going to post more of my cushions I made but I think I have tested your eyes enough, LOL  Something for another post.  Have a wonderful rest of the week.   Finishing with a photo of my darling grandson Rhys......