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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Something old, something primitive!!

A few of my friends have mentioned that it's time I wrote another post for my blog and, as I am always so accommodating, here is my latest effort.  What to write about?  Well, last week Pat (from The Queen's Cupboard) and myself went to visit a friend of hers, Sue, who lives just outside of the city.  The purpose of this visit was for Pat to purchase some more items to sell in her store, e.g. antiques, primitive art, cutesy and other odds and ends.  Normally I won't go anywhere other than around town in a vehicle but was somehow pursuaded to accompany her on this little jaunt.  Am I glad that I did!!!!  I ended up picking up a few cute little items myself, at very minimal prices, I might add.........

Isn't this little girl priceless?

How about these little cuties?

I can't believe that I am getting into this primitive stuff - totally different from what I have ever been interested in before.  I must be losing something in my old age, LOL  Actually, I am finding it to be quite interesting and isn't "different" something more amusing to talk about?  For all my years I have been stuck in a rather "blah" choice of decor, but don't forget, I had three sons and a husband to take into consideration.  Now, pretty well anything goes, within reason of course.  I can't see me ever painting my walls puce or purple but I can see my decor taking on a new twist.  I think I like it!!

My "bird collection" also got an uplift - I picked up some new real estate for them and I think they are quite enamoured with them..............

Then on Saturday, whilst at Pat's The Queen's Cupboard, I purchased a few more items along the same vein, cute and/or primitive, so I think I had a very good weekend.

Aren't the lights and nesting box adorable?

 You can't see it, but on this woven item is a painted black crow.  Really delightful - it came with the flowers too!!

I also have been having a great deal of fun using "Water Slide Decals" which I purchased from The Polka Dot Closet - - I ordered a couple of packages from Carol and they were promptly mailed off to me.  Please go and visit her blog and check out all the wonderful items she makes and perhaps you also will get into decorating items around your home with these decals.  I am trying them out on items which I would like to sell along with my other crafts, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can make a few sales.  Here are a few things that I have embellished, both for my home and for sale..............

Here are a few flower brooches I made.

Well, that's about it for now.  On Saturday (2nd June), Pat has some ladies coming all the way from Ottawa to sell wonderful silver jewelry at her store (just for the one day).  They travel once a year from Ottawa to Vancouver in a humongous motor home and I believe that this is the only time they will be stopping to sell to the public, the rest of the time will be to businesses along the way.  For those of you who live locally, come on out and take part in this fabulous experience - 10-5.

I don't have any new photos to share with you of the grandkiddies but I did frame a couple of tiny frames with older photos, so they will have to do until I get some new ones.

Be good and stay healthy and happy.  Til next time.