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Monday 14 May 2012

Crafts Galore

It has been a gorgeous day here today.  Too nice to stay at home so I have been out and about all day.   First I went to the library to return some way overdue DVD's, then to City Meat Market to pick up some ice-cream.  When I came home I called a friend and repaired her necklace for her, changed my shower head and installed a new Water Pix hand held shower head (because the old one leaked all over the floor and toilet when I turned on the faucets to take a bath), then took a walk to the mall and picked up a prescription for another friend. I think I just might stay in for the rest of the evening - I have lots of projects I could be doing but first of all I thought I had better create a new post.  The days are flying by and I can't believe that I have been home for three weeks since my visit to the grandkids.

On the 6th May I had a table at "Passport to Unity" and sold some of my creations.  It was a long day and as I was on my own, I regrettably couldn't take advantage of the fabulous artists and entertainment which went from 11-5.  Here are a few pictures of my table.

With the lovely Dawn, her hubby took this one.

I have been pottering around with a few things to add to my craft sales, e.g. these "vases".  They have a New York theme to them.

I should mention before I go any further, the beautiful flowers I received for Mother's Day from my darling kids.  This first arrangement was from my twin sons, my DIL and my grandkids from out of town....................

And this was from my son and girlfriend from in town..............

I am very blessed with great kids, and they do look out for me.  Thanks kiddos for the lovely gifts.

Here's another creation of mine, it's a little different, but I love it.

It kind of goes with the other picture I made, which I mentioned in my previous blog.

This last weekend I spent helping Pat with her sale at the Queen's Cupboard.  She plans on having one every Saturday so any local people reading this, come on down and see what's going on.  She very kindly is allowing me to sell my creations there also.  Excellent prices all round!!!!  This was my set-up last weekend..............

You don't think I helped Pat out with the sale and didn't buy anything for myself did you?  Before I show you what I did buy, I will tell you that I had to dispose of quite a few items around my place so that my apartment wouldn't look like a second-hand furniture store.  Next blog, I will post photos of how the apartment looks with all the new things and with the old items disposed of!!  Nearly forgot, this is what I bought and I adore it, it goes so beautifully with my cream/shabby chic look............

And, with an extra cushion I just happened to have lying around.

Well, I shall love you and leave you - until the next blog, stay happy and healthy.  Is there anything sweeter than this............

Rhys, with baby sister Katherine, May 2012