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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Lovely visit with the grandkids

I'm finally home after a lovely visit with my darling grandchildren.  I really can't believe that my visit has come and gone, the time just flew by and I wish I had been blessed with more time with them.  Every time I leave them I have a hard time because I miss them so much and it takes me a while to adjust again.  I told you in my previous post that my grand-daughter had just been born and how I was about to embark on a 13 hour Greyhound bus ride (fortunately, I had with me my trusty Sony e-Reader, which was presented to me when I left the Library last year) to go and see her and my grandson.  Well, she is as beautiful as I expected her to be and has already won the hearts of her parents.

My grandson Rhys no longer "makes strange" when I go to visit and picks up just where we left off.  Of course, it doesn't hurt when I take him a little gift.  This Tonka talking truck I had mailed ahead and we opened the parcel when I got there.  He has been having loads of fun with this in the garden.  It's such a blessing to see them enjoying the little things that you can give them.  Needless to say that I took little Katherine lots of pretty clothes!!

I couldn't get enough of little Katherine and got to hold her a few times.  I have a funny feeling that she is going to be a "daddy's girl" and will probably have him eating out of her hand and he will love every minute of it.

You have to agree with me, she is gorgeous!!!

Since I have been home, I have been helping a friend (Pat) re-open her business.  It's called the Queen's Cupboard and I have mentioned it many times in my posts.  This is a quaint store where I have been charmed into buying all sorts of goodies for my apartment, some finished and others to finish myself.  This sconce I picked up - it's metal.

And this is what I turned it into..................

I didn't realize at the time that this was one of a pair, so now I have to search for the other one in her store next time she has a sale.

I loved this frame, but not the picture inside, so I painted the inside and tea-bagged it and added an old plate from a door.

And this is the result.  Don't you think this is an improvement?

Just some pretty spring flowers that I picked at an abandoned building.  Such a shame for them to go unseen and they look so fresh in my apartment.

Now to the "biggy".  As you know by now, I have purchased quite a few things from the Queen's Cupboard and as I was helping Pat recently get set up, I was privy to all the items she was going to be having in her two day sale.  She was rather concerned when I returned from my holiday, and seeing things with a fresh eye, I was smitten with something she had just finished shabby chic-ing and was using for display purposes and told her that I wanted it!!!!!  Reluctantly she said I could have it but would have to wait until after her sale as she didn't have anywhere else to display all her beautiful bone china teacups and saucers.  DEAL!!  I just got it last night and had so much fun adorning it will all my bits and pieces.  Some will say that I have too much junk and border on being a hoarder - they could be right.  Yes, I will have to dispose of some of my furniture, but give me time.  Here it is in the store..............

And here in my humble apartment...............

As you can see, it didn't take me long to fill it up.  Well, folks, that's it for now.  Have to keep something for another day.  The ladies from the Queen's Cupboard have gone on a road trip south to find more "treasures" to tempt me, LOL.  Seriously, I don't think I dare think of adding another item to this place.  Please help me purge before someone recommends me for the "Hoarders" show on the telly.  TTFN.