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Monday 22 August 2011

Peddling my wares!!

Sunday started out with thunder and lightening, very, very frightening, especially when you were on your way to an outdoor craft show.  I say outdoor, even though it was under a very large tent....................

We were very fortunate to arrive just before the heavens opened and the rain pelted down.  I have to put this in here before I forget it, but after the show, when Eileen brought me and my stuff home and we were having a nice, hot cuppa, we looked out of the window and saw white stuff in the air.........yes, it was snow (in August, for goodness sake).  We couldn't believe it.  Fortunately it didn't stay and I'm sure in went unnoticed by many but the forecast for the day did actually mention rain and perhaps hail.  Anyway, back to what I should be writing about.

The day went very slowly, I thought, and the people just weren't there, perhaps the cold weather put them off, but then if it had been a hot day, where would they have been?  At the beach or their cottages, so you never know what to expect.  I guess we just have to be grateful for whatever comes our way.  I thought my prices were very, very reasonable but it still didn't draw the people to my table...............

There were some very interesting artists attending the show but I did notice that the "usual" crowd was not there.  The more well-known artists from our local area perhaps have given up on that venue.  I do remember from last year that quite a few artists had problems with the wind and their beautiful paintings were blown over many times.  It was such a shame not to see them there this year.  Anyway, they had me, so what more did they need, LOL....................

Photo thanks to Lynn.

There were some very interesting exhibits there - it seems that cupcakes are the latest form of art and chocolate truffles - different kinds of foods were presented along with the normal paintings, pottery, beautiful wooden creations, jewelry, whimsical vintage, framed photography, hand-painted Russian wooden eggs (fabulous), baby blankets, and that's only some of the vendors around my stall.  I did have a problem with a large motorhome type vehicle which was selling food - it was right next to the tent and drowned out any music or conversation with its obnoxious generator.  I hope that the "powers that be" rethink that one for next year.  I think the musicians had to move outside of the tent to the grounds because of it, so we didn't get to hear them anyway.

All in all, it was a most enjoyable day but the best part was coming home and having a nice hot cup of coffee to take the chill off these old bones.  I'm such a glutton for punishment, I just signed up for another craft show in Laird for this coming weekend.  I think this one will be a very busy one, lots of people and hopefully lots of sales, LOL  Have a great day.  Talk to you soon.