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Sunday 28 August 2011

Just a short one for now.

Just a short post for now.  Had a good sleep last night after being burnt to a crisp from being outside all day.  Still feel somewhat sluggish but will soon pick up my socks and get cracking to prepare for my son and his girlfriend coming for supper later.  Here are a few pics of my poor burnt face, even my lips are swollen, some people would pay big bucks for that, LOL..................

You can see on my scrawny neck the white mark where my necklace lay.  My neck was quite tanned before this, so I really did pick up a lot of sun.  It's all very sore this morning, even for drinking a cup of coffee, my lips hurt, but not as sore as last night and will be even better as the day goes.  Not being one for sitting around in the sun, I didn't even give it a thought, except for wearing a hat.  Duh, that will teach me a lesson - if I remember, getting old ya know!!!!

I think I will serve chicken breasts, new potatoes and veggies, along with a very basic salad and for dessert a walnut pie with cream.  How does that sound?  I had better get cracking then.  At least the apartment is tidy.  I spent the rest of the evening last night putting away all the things I had taken to the "unCraft Show" so I don't have to do that today, just relax mainly.  Happy Sunday to you all.

Postscript....just found out that sonny boy and young lady are not coming for supper after all, she's not feeling too well, so I said that's okay, we'll do it another time, so walnut pie went back in the freezer.  Bummer, I was so looking forward to a slice of that, it's very much like pecan pie but I think better.  So, I think I will go to the casino seeing I had so much good luck yesterday, LOL

Just as well I did go to the bad place because I came out with a little profit.  Now I'm going to find myself some supper.