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Friday 19 August 2011

Every day is Friday

I see on Facebook so many people commenting "TGIF" and I used to feel the same way, but now every day is Friday and sometimes I have trouble just keeping track of what day it is.  Ain't life grand???

Don't quite know what I am doing today.  Have to walk down to the Medical Centre and pick up some meds.  A recent visit to the doctor's office informed me that I also have osteoporosis.  I pretty well figured that one out myself, but I am very fortunate that I haven't broken anything, except for my front teeth, when I have fallen a couple of times in recent years.  So, more meds.  I'm sure I rattle when I walk!!!  A dear friend of mine will probably add that it's not all I do when I walk, LOL  Shh, Marlene!!!

I also have lots of planning and organizing to do today for the upcoming "Art in the Park" on Sunday afternoon.  For you local folk, it's on Sunday, 21 August, from 11.00 a.m. - 5.00 a.m. at the Roberta Bondar Pavillion.  It's always worth a visit.

I made up a little sign to put on my table on Sunday..............

Hopefully it will attract some interest.  I will be selling my creations at really good prices as I have such a large inventory.  I'm hoping that will draw lots of customers also.  Well, that's about it for now.  It hasn't been a very exciting day.  I have to pop to the mall to pick up a few last minute items for the show and then I will continue getting things organized, put in bags, etc. - there really is a lot of work involved.  Talk to you later buddies.  Have a great weekend.