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Sunday 10 July 2011

I wonder what today will bring?

I wonder what today will bring?  I have almost finished moving my chattels over to the new apartment, except for those which I am selling or using.  I have cleaned behind the fridge and stove and the stove itself.  Have to clean the fridge today.  All the closets have been emptied and left tidy.  I'm touching up the paintwork where pictures have been hanging as I go along so that might be all I will have to share about today, so...... I thought I might just put a few pics of my jewelry on, just to fill up the space.  I have been creating my jewelry for about four years.  Ever since my hubby died, I have tried to find something to fill the void, but the longest craft that I have been involved in has been the hand-crafted jewelry, knitted scarves and greeting cards.  I have been using a lampshade to display and photograph my stuff on, it's easier that way, but if anyone has a better way, please let me know.

And this is just a tiny, tiny selection of what I do have made.  After my move next week, I have to prepare for a local Fair.  Every year the city puts on what is called The RotaryFest.  It's a special event which brings in lots of money which is put to good use in the community.  I have for the past four years had a booth where I sell my creations and I usually manage to recoup the money I have spent on materials.  I don't expect ever to make a "killing" but it certainly is a good thing when you get your investment back.

I didn't mean to "Publish" this, I was going to save it until later in the day, but you never know, there may be something of interest to add later.  Anyway, have a wonderful day.