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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Shopping 'til I'm dropping!!

Well, it certainly was a very busy day today.  Considering I only have two weeks in which to get everything organized in order to move across the hall into my new apartment, I thought I had better get up and at 'em early this morning and boy, did I accomplish a great deal.  I started off by stopping into Sears and buying a new double bed, (mattress, box spring, frame and black wrought iron headboard).  After that, I went to a local furniture store and purchased a black dresser with mirror and black night table, so that I will be able to furnish the third bedroom suitably in case I have out of town company.  I have never before made any large purchases such as I did today and I was very surprised at how well I handled it all, considering I am such a feeble, old lady, LOL  Later in the day, I was able to pick up three fetching black, white with some colour, paintings which I think I will string across the top of the bed.  (On the wall silly, what were you thinking??)

New couch (with chaise lounge attached) and complimentary chair (not a set).  A gorgeous wooden desk with a leather(?) inlay and fancy chair to match - this will be for my computer (getting rid of the large, old black desk).  New bistro style dining table and two chairs, very chic.  I wish I had photos to share but I don't - will have to wait until I am all moved in.  Gosh, what else did I buy????  Oh, yes, a pair of green sandals and believe it or not and for those who have known me for some time, I am not wearing pantyhose, that was unheard of until recently.  I even painted my toenails - the world is surely going to come to an end!!!!

All in all, it was a very good day.  I also stopped by the Library to pick up a reserve but Kellee wasn't there, was looking forward to seeing her along with my other ex-co-workers.  Hope you are feeling better Kellee.

This is what I saw in Kitchener and couldn't resist taking a pic of it - how appropriate!!

I wonder what they sell in there??

This is a pic of the balcony with pergola that my son built on his home this summer.  He is quite handy.

I had intended to take a sideview picture of it, but I forgot.  Too late now, LOL  Will have to wait until the next visit.

These two little guys slept with me every night, well, let's face it, no-one else would, LOL  I'm told that they really missed me when I left and drove my DIL nuts that first evening.  They were soooooo cute.

I really don't have any good photos of me and Rhys that I can share with you, in fact I only have a couple and I'm not very pleased with them, they are not very flattering, let's just say they are more fattening, so it's best not to post them - I don't want anyone to have nightmares!!  Okay, it's time to say TTFN before I really bore you to death.  Have a great night's sleep and I hope you will be refreshed and filled with the joi de vivre in the morning.