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Sunday 12 June 2011

Simply Sunday

Nothing much to write about today.  It's been a quiet Sunday so far - read a bit (I'm in the middle of Tess Gerritsen's "Harvest" and enjoying every word), and am now waiting for a friend to come and pick me up to go to the movies with a few other friends.  I think we are going to see "The Bridesmaids" and I have heard that it is stupid and vulgar, so I guess I will just have to make up my own mind.

Tomorrow I have to go and get my bloodwork done to make sure that my haemoglobin levels are up (they were down to 66 and I had to get two units of blood a couple of weeks ago) and then on Tuesday I have to go and see another doctor regarding my lupus (part of investigating why the haemoglobin levels are down).  It will be great to feel healthy, I can't wait.  On Thursday I will be heading out of town, on the Greyhound bus, to see my darling grandson (and his mummy and daddy of course) - he will be two years old when I am down there, so grandma will have to spoil him, not that I would need an excuse.

It's a beautiful day here and I have been out twice enjoying a walk - I actually fed the geese and their babies - too bad I didn't take my camera and get some pics - I never think to do that.  Laurie is the smart one, she takes her camera out with her.  Talking about Laurie, she brought me a couple of her lemon scones again yesterday, they are delicious, what a great cook she is...........

Well, we did go and see "The Bridesmaids" and on the whole it was a funny movie but it did contain too much swearing (can't believe that young ladies of today talk like that) and was a little gross in parts, but we did have a laugh and met for coffee afterwards and discussed it, amongst other things.  Nice to spend time with friends.  Goodnight and God bless.