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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Movie with the girls!!

Went to the movies with two lovely ladies, Carol and Claudette, so we were the three 'C's', LOL.  We all pretty well enjoyed it, but it was nothing like the biblical story we all grew up on, apart from the Ark!!

"As a young boy, Noah witnessed his father, Lamech, being killed by the young king Tubal-Cain, who wanted to seize Lamech's land.
Many years later, Noah is living with his wife Naameh and his three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. After seeing a flower grow instantly from the ground and being haunted by vivid dreams, Noah decides to travel with his family to visit his grandfather, Methuselah.
On the way, they come upon a group of people recently killed. They adopt the lone survivor, a girl named Ila, who was wounded in the attack and has become barren. Noah and his family are chased by Tubal-Cain's men, but are able to seek refuge with fallen angels known as the Watchers. The Watchers had been forced by the Creator to remain on earth as stone golems for disobeying the Creator and helping humans after they had been banished from Garden of Eden. Humans had attempted to enslave and kill the Watchers, but Methuselah helped them escape and was befriended by them.
Noah receives a seed passed down from Eden from Methuselah. He plants the seed and an entire forest grows from it within seconds. Noah announces that all the wood will be used to build an ark, and Noah's family and the Watchers begin construction.
Eight years later, as the Ark nears completion, animals start to walk into the ark and are put to sleep by incense that Noah prepares. Noah goes to a nearby settlement to find wives for his three sons but finds that the surrounding lands have been running short on food and the humans, led by Tubal-Cain, have become savage and cannibalistic. He becomes convinced that the Creator wishes for the human race to end and abandons his effort. Back at the camp, Methuselah blesses Ila, and her barrenness is cured.
Ham decides to go to the camp himself and find a wife. He encounters a frightened young girl named Na'el. She is willing to go with him as the flood begins, but on their way back Na'el's foot gets caught in an animal trap just as Tubal-Cain's horde marches on the Ark. Noah forces Ham to save himself and leave Na'el behind to be trampled to death.
All of Noah's family gets in the Ark except for Methuselah, who chooses to die in the flood. As the Ark is launched, the Watchers sacrifice themselves to protect it from the oncoming horde, allowing them to ascend into Heaven. As the flood drowns the remaining soldiers, Tubal-Cain manages to stow away on the Ark. The king is found by Ham and befriends him, playing on anger toward Noah for allowing Na'el to die.
Ila discovers that she is pregnant, and soon after the rains stop. Naameh, Shem, and Ila inform Noah of this, but the patriarch says that if the child is a girl he will kill her to satisfy the Creator's wish to destroy humanity. Noah asks for the Creator's counsel but finds no answer. He resolves to follow his plan, despite Naameh's unsuccessful attempts to dissuade him.
Months pass, and Ila and Shem build a small raft to escape Noah, but Noah burns it just as they prepare to leave. Ila goes into labor and gives birth to twin girls.
Meanwhile, Tubal-Cain is able to convince Ham to help kill Noah. Noah is lured by Ham to the aft of the ark on false pretenses, where he is attacked by Tubal-Cain, Ham, and Shem. As they fight, the Ark hits a mountain, injuring both Noah and Tubal-Cain. As Tubal-Cain is about to deliver a killing blow to Noah, a repentant Ham attacks and kills Tubal-Cain. Noah searches the ark for Ila and the twins and finds them, but decides to spare their lives.
As the family departs the Ark, Ham decides to leave them, still angry at Noah. Noah explains that he didn't kill his grandchildren because he had nothing in his heart but love for them. Noah blesses the family as the beginning of a new human race. They watch as the Creator sends a rainbow from the sky, covering all of the Earth, signaling his promise to never destroy mankind with a flood again."
Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Having said that, go out for the evening and see it.  Be warned though, if you are a Biblical scholar, you probably will not agree with quite a large chunk of it - just don't forget..... it's entertainment!!

A couple of pics of my darling grandkids from the Fall.....

Katherine and her best friend Savannah at Anna's house...

And my buddy Rhys and his little sis Katherine.....

I hope he will always be her protector!!!  Can't wait to see them, couple more weeks and I'll be on the Greyhound bus on my way.

So, my friends, take care and I'll talk to you again soon.