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Monday 14 November 2011

My First Fall & Christmas Craft Sale

The days are coming to a close much faster now that the clocks were turned back a week ago and the evenings are dark by 5.30 p.m.  This change brings with it all the beautiful Christmas Bazaars, Bake Sales, Craft Shows and Teas and I took part in my first of the season this past Sunday.  Each one is different and you never know how you will do.  You hope to sell lots but understand if you don't because you cannot anticipate what the "people" of the day are looking for.  I have known people to turn up because they have heard that a certain home baker is going to be there and they love all their delicious Italian baking, or for another's truly heavenly Christmas wreaths and table centres.  You just don't know.  Here are a couple of pictures of my table..................

I didn't make a lot of money this time around (last year at the same show I made at least twice as much).

I hope the next one will be better, it's this coming Thursday and is part of our downtown's Midnight Magic.  Midnight Magic is where all the local stores on the main "strip" stay open late and all the lights are on and music playing and it really does have a lovely atmosphere and is great for people looking for that individual Christmas gift, things you don't find in the big stores.

I make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, handknitted scarves, handpainted brooches, handcrafted greeting cards, to name a few items.  I have met many interesting people with many unusual and beautiful crafts.  This time last year I bought a whole slew of wooden toys which I sent to my grandson out of town for Christmas.  Another lady sews receiving blankets in gorgeous patterns to please any eye, so when I heard that I was going to be a grandmother for the first time and it was going to be a boy, I bought a pile of these blankets and my daughter-in-law just loves them.  There is another baby on the way, so maybe it will be a girl and I will have to buy some lovely girly ones!!

Today I also went to see my Lupus/Arthritis specialist and was told that my haemoglobin levels are continuing to increase, that's good news because six months ago they were dangerously low, but I have to continue taking all the meds, including a new one for osteoporosis because my bones are very "thin" as she said and have to be careful that I don't fall.  I think I will be okay, I have lots of fat to cushion any fall, LOL  The pain is worse than a year ago but as long as the meds don't affect my eyesight I have to continue taking them, hence have to have my eyes tested once a year.  I also bought a nice little something (shabby chic) at Winners, but that is for another day.

I'll throw this in here also, I made this flower arrangement the other day, just for something to do......................

Well, back to work (I should say "play" because I don't work anymore, LOL) - I'm working on some picture frames and wondering what to put inside them when they are finished.  Have a great week.