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Friday 21 October 2011

Today's purchases - what fun!!

I think in a previous blog I had shown a picture of my beautiful deacon's hand-painted bench, if not shown, then I have certainly mentioned it.  This is it, in case you haven't seen it before.............

Well, today I was out shopping on Queen Street and I walked past our local florist "My Marie's" and saw that she had a pretty good sale going on.  When I arrived home, my friend Laurie was visiting and we got talking about the deacon's bench and the microwave stand that I had just refinished and I was telling her that there were still two small hand-painted "trunks" over at the store just waiting for me.  Seemed like the perfect time to go and investigate I thought, since she had 50% off the original price.  Lucky me, they were still there so I bought them on the spot and had to leave them there as I had no way of getting them home at that moment.

I had to go to the library and the mall but couldn't wait to get back and pop on over to the florist with my "shopping cart" and pick them up.  Do you want to see what they look like?  I'm not too sure yet where they will end up but for now they are just sitting in my living room so I can admire them.  Here they are.....

Of course there is nothing there for me to refinish but I sure have the bug after the microwave stand.  Gosh, I might have to move into an even larger apartment just to house all my treasures.  That's it for now - had to share with you while I was still excited about it.  Oh, and I sold six pairs of those ugly skull earrings I made for Halloween.

They were only $3 a pair.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I am having so much fun visiting other people's blogs and "following" them.  There is so much talent out there.  I hope they will follow me back, but I am so tame in comparison, but I could get wicked, LOL  Talk to you soon.