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Thursday 20 October 2011

Still dreary out there, but I'm happy in here!!

The weather hasn't improved much in the last couple of days.  I don't think I can remember when we have had so many rainy, windy days in a row.  It's great for sleeping in though!!

I still haven't "decorated" the outside of the microwave stand but I have adorned it with knick-knacks and placed it in my living room.  Had to move my Egyptian style chair to find it a home.  Next week I might change my mind and move it somewhere else.  That's the beauty of being retired and being able to do what you want when you want, LOL  Here's a pic of the stand..........

And here's one of the chair/stool, whatever you call it............

Ha, ha, and when I was looking for those photos, I found one of me when I was a sweet young thing of 20, taken in Majorca.  Gosh, that was a lifetime ago.  If I remember correctly, that was a fun holiday, but I digress, LOL

Wish I was nice and slim like that now.  Those were the days!!

I'm having so much fun visiting other people's blogs and am making lots of new friends.  It's amazing how much talent is out there and even though I was very pleased with the job I did on the microwave stand, it doesn't even compare with the refinishing jobs that some people do on old furniture.  I am truly impressed.  One of my sons is into antiquing furniture and he has completed many beautiful projects.  I just didn't realize until recently just how popular it was.

Well, I had best get back to working on my craft room.  I've already done a lot of work in there but no-one would know that if they peeked in there - it has still a long way to go.   Have a great day.