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Thursday 16 May 2013

Retirement "Ain't no vacation"!!

Who would have thought that retirement would be this busy!!  Some days I think I work harder than when I was gainfully employed, but you know, I wouldn't change it one bit.  I love having something to do every day, even if it is only creating or chasing down a bargain for my Boutique.  I loved working at the Public Library and before that, in the Library of the Public School System.  Of course, when I did go back to work when the kids were able to take care of themselves, I really didn't expect to do it for any more than a couple of years, just long enough to help out with the family budget.  As it turned out, it was the best thing for me to be employed full-time as circumstances changed.  Anyway, this week has been a mix of medical appointments, thrifting and re-purposing.

On Monday I had to go for a cat scan because when I had x-rays taken of my back and chest recently the results were not good - showed that my spine had severe arthritis and a spot on one lung, hence the chest cat scan.  Praying that all will be well and I'm not worrying about it unless I have to.  Wednesday I went for my monthly back injections, OUCH and then today, Thursday, had to go and have my eyes tested again because one of the meds I am on for Lupus could affect my eyesight.

On to recent creations..............

And this is how things look in the Boutique at the moment.....

Just to give you an idea of what I do to keep myself busy and also to not give in to my health issues.

I am running out of space and have asked if I can move into another room on my own and I have to say that I will be absolutely delighted if I can get it and then arrange everything is a more orderly fashion instead of bunching everything up into a rather cramped area.  I think my two partners in crime will be happy when I do also, so they can also spread things out.  We really didn't think that we would accumulate so much "stuff".

Along with all this, I do have a wonderful and diverse "bunch" of friends and we do the movies, theatre, lunch, etc. so you can see that I really am not retired, just changed hats, LOL

Don't have any new photos of the darling grandkids.  I will be taking the Greyhound bus in the near future to go and visit and be putting my camera to good use.  'Til I chat with you again, I hope that you will all stay healthy, safe and happy.  Big hugs,