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Thursday 8 March 2012

A-crafting we will go!!

You have often heard me mentioning "The Queen's Cupboard", a place where I have purchased many interesting items and refinished them either for my apartment or to sell in my craft shows, well, she (Pat) has moved her business to a new location and now is in the midst of painting and re-organizing everything.  This, of course is a very, very large undertaking.  She hopes to re-open for occasional shopping days by May.  Her new location is now in the building behind the Bush Plane Museum, where the Potters Guild is housed.  This is artwork done by my son of the Bush Plane Museum many years ago before he left town to seek his fortune, which he never found by the way, unless you count a beautiful wife and darling son, which certainly is more precious than silver or gold......................

Going back to Pat.... I went to visit her to see how she was coming along and was delighted to see that she had almost finished painting the whole area, with the help of another delightful lady, Carol.  Well, I ended up coming away with a few more birds, which she so graciously gave me, insisting she didn't want anything for them, so I paid for her lunch at Tim Horton's.  Aren't the little birdies adorable?

They have been squeezed into the little white cream china cabinet which you see at the top of this blog, which is quickly becoming a haven for lost birds.

So, what else have I been working on?  Do you want to see the small horses that I have just refinished?  I picked these three up at a local Church rummage sale a couple of weeks ago and immensely enjoyed  working on them...............




Here are two more fabulous paintings by my dear friend Laurie of.....   If you are ever interested, she does sell her work, she just doesn't "flaunt" her talent, a very lovely, humble lady...................

I did pop into Michaels for a few minutes the other day to see what it was like.  My eldest son and his lady took me.  My gosh, it was overwhelming, but what I saw I thought it was also quite expensive.  If you are making anything with the intention of selling it, then I think it will be hard to get your money back, at least in this town.  Remember the larger horse that I refinished a few weeks ago?  Well, an unfinished wooden one was $40 and when you add the cost of all the other products you need to complete the project before you know it you will have spent at least $60.  Perhaps as time goes by they will reduce their prices.  We used to have a store called White Rose here and that closed and it wasn't anywhere near as expensive as Michaels.

A little while ago I bought a couple of pillows from a new quilt store in our Mall - they were only $5 each, so how could I refuse them?  I thought they would add a smidgen of colour to my living room, considering I have more "cream" in there than does a barnful of cats!!

Well, to finish off for this evening, how about another picture of the most handsome grandson in the whole world, or at least in my world, LOL..........

His dad, my son, "photoshopped" him onto one of his pieces of art.

'Til we meet again.