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Monday 19 November 2012

Church Street Boutique

Well, the last few days sure have been very busy for me.  We, that is myself and my two partners in crime, decided to split up the room we have rented and named "Church Street Boutique", into three equal spaces so that it would be fair for all of us.

To do this, I had to go out and purchase three unassembled shelf units and with the help of my eldest son, lugged them over to the boutique and there I spent hours assembling and arranging them, creating a nice warm area where, we hope, our clients and friends can come and shop, especially now that it is getting closer to Christmas.  Here are a few photos I took today.  I think I will probably leave it like this for a while, unless I find that I need another unit.  Trouble is, I have so much stuff and can't stop creating and/or shopping, LOL

So, this is my side of the room ........... looking good, I think ......

Today, before I went to the Boutique, I had an appointment with an eye specialist to check to see if the medication I was on for Lupus has damaged my sight.  I am very pleased to report that apart from some evidence of beginning cataracts, my sight has not been damaged permanently and as of last week, I have ceased taking it.  My blood work is holding it's own but the arthritis is no better, it's getting worse as I get older, and I really felt my age when I was kneeling on the hard floor following the confusing diagram - sometimes you just have to rely on common sense, LOL

Here are a few paintings I have acquired the last week or so, spruced them up a little and am now selling them in the Boutique for a few dollars (hopefully).

I picked up this gorgeous window style mirror at a local thrift store recently.  My son Dave has a few larger ones in his home and I have often admired them.  I wasn't very taken with the colour of the wood, so, me being me, I painted it, but wait for it, not cream but black - wow, the sky will surely fall now, LOL  Here is the before picture and then the after.  It wasn't very easy getting photos of it without getting myself in it too, so they really aren't the best, but you will get the idea.......

This is a Christmas wreath I made for my apartment entrance.  Cute little fellow on the top.

And to finish off, I leave you with photos of my sweet grandchildren.................

Super Rhys getting his boots on
and the beautiful Katherine
I can't believe that a week has gone by since I last blogged - where on earth does the time go?  It won't be long before the snow is here to stay and when that happens, believe me, I won't be trotting the the mall two or three times a day.  Being a non-driver makes a big difference to my mobility during the winter months.  Just have to grin and bear it and keep myself busy in other ways.  Talk again soon.  Hugs,