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Sunday 21 October 2012

3 more sleeps

Can you tell, I am so excited to be going to see my darling grandchildren.  If they only knew how much I miss them - miss their parents also, but I won't tell them that, LOL  Seriously though, I really do miss my kids, but then you mothers (and fathers) know exactly what I am talking about, once your children leave the nest.  We may not keep telling them, but deep down in our hearts it is never the same.  I would love to go back in time to when the kidlets were five and under.  So much work but so much love (hugs and cuddles and wet kisses) and satisfaction.  They have just moved into a new home and I'm looking forward to seeing that too.  So much excitement.  I hope I can be a blessing to them and help out a little.

I will be travelling by Greyhound bus (13 hours there and then the same on the return).  It used to be that you would purchase your ticket and then just hop on the bus after you packed your suitcase, but not anymore.  I have to make sure that my cell phone is fully charged, my Avista notebook's battery is okay, my Canon camera is charged and ready to use and last, but not least, my Sony e-reader is all set to go with a few books downloaded.  So much to do, LOL  On top of that, I have to make sure that I gather up all the cords needed to operate the above.

My trip is a dual purpose one.  The twin brother of the son with the kidlets is receiving his MBA whilst I am there visiting and I will be attending his Graduation Ceremony.  Proud mum or what?  This will be his third degree.  He will be catching me up, as I am always giving the kids the third degree or pleading the fifth degree, LOL

As always, I have been keeping busy.  This retirement business takes up more time than when I was working........  I must have St. Vitus Dance or something (no offense to anyone) because I cannot just sit and do nothing.  You would think that with all my health issues I would be pleased to just suit quietly and relax, but no... in fact, I think that my busyness keeps me going.

Our Boutique is coming along slowly.  We just need people to learn of us and come and visit.  This past Saturday was deado, between all three of us we didn't even hit $50.

My brother in Stockport, Cheshire has been quite ill - he fell and broke his hip a couple of weeks ago and was recovering quite well then fell again and broke his femur under the new hip.  He was not expected to survive the anesthetic, but Praise the Lord he did.  I beseech you to pray for him that he will recover.  He also has sclerosis of the liver which really complicates things.

As I won't be blogging whilst I am away, here are some of the new things I have done...............

Altered Art

Candle Holders

Some Plaques

This idea for the Hot Baths I stole from Laurie.  She doesn't mind, she's always giving me ideas, what a friend.  There isn't a jealous or selfish bone in her body - she is always giving and then giving more.
I turned this little shelf from this...

Into this.......

My effort at painting a Fall acrylic painting....

And a few other paintings I did, the last one only the frame I repainted.............

This one of the ladies was given to me by my lovely friend Carol (my partner in crime in the Boutique).  It was very old and ugly but now I think is adorable!!!  Thanks Carol.  Unfortunately, the pictures didn't come out very well, the light reflected off the glass.

I found this Rooster plaque at one of the thrift stores, so cute....

 This delightful lantern for candles was given to me by my sweet friend Laurie (who is a wonderful artist) - she also found it at a local thrift store, lucky me.

And this adorable handmade pottery flower holder was given to me by the ladies from the Potter's Guild to thank me for marble bags I had sewn up for the children who come into their Studio for pottery lessons.  The school programme is connected with the Old Stone House here in the Sault.

I'm sure you have had enough of my shenanigans for now, so I will leave you with two more photos, my fantastic Christmas cactus.  I have never seen so many blooms on it..... and to think I was considering tossing it because it is so large.  Not for a while now anyway..........

Be happy and healthy and I will be in touch when I return.  Hugs, Chris