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Monday 17 September 2012

Church Street Boutique

Saturday was the first day that the Church Street Boutique was open.  All-in-all, it was a very successful day, not a great deal of people came through but then we haven't even started to advertise.  I think that advertising will be the next thing on our agenda and I will have to investigate different sites where we can advertise for free for hobbyists.

The three of us, Carol, Gary and myself are very satisfied with the way the "boutique" is looking (not bad for just over a week's work - we only signed the lease about 10 days ago), and we are hoping that it will become a place where our friends, both old and new, will stop by, pick up a few gifts (especially now that Christmas is fast approaching) and perhaps have a cuppa with us.  I am providing (thanks to my son Gareth) a microwave, coffee pot and electric kettle, as well as the coffee, creamer, sugar,  teabags and mugs to get us started.

Here are a few photos I took of how it looks today.  We are trusting that it will change as we sell and replace items.  Check it out.............

I paid the "boutique" two visits today to sort out some items and price others.  Carol, Gary and myself did the rounds of Value Village and Habitat for Humanity looking for items from which to create our masterpieces, LOL and we actually did find quite a few choice pieces.  Must have been the day for it as other times you can drop by and find nothing.  I spent this evening painting up what I had bought and of course I will show you in the next blog, so until then, have a wonderful week.  We have lots of rain at the moment, as I "speak" it is battering against the windows.  Fall is almost upon us and it never fails, as soon as the kiddies go back to school, the weather changes.

I'll keep this one short for a change and will leave you with a picture of my darling grandson Rhys............

and his beautiful little sister Katherine