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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Nothing new to talk about!!

Hello there, I have nothing much to talk about except that I am working on some artwork.  I am looking forward very much to seeing my two grandchildren next week - can't wait to hold the new one and cuddle the elder one.  Grandma misses them so much, but living so far away I can only make the large effort to sit on a Greyhound bus for 13 hours a few times a year so I can see them.

Here are the latest creations I have been working on.  I wish I could sell them, time will tell and if I can't????

The Craft Shows will begin again for this year in May so I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone out there will like my weird and wonderful creations!!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Easter.  Mine was very quiet, didn't do anything except go for walks, but that's okay.  Okay, talk to you again soon when I hope to have something interesting to mention.

Oh, must remember to plug in my Sony E-reader and make sure it is fully charged for my trip, also my Notepad.  It's these things which are a pain really, because you have to remember to take with you all the relevant cords for charging - for the cell phone, camera, Notepad and Reader.  How on earth did we manage before, LOL