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Sunday 22 January 2012

All's well that ends well.

Well, this is going to be my most recent acquisition.  I can't wait for it to be refinished.

Still at the store

Pat, owner of "The Queen's Cupboard" has been encouraging me to buy this and of course I said if the price was right and if it were painted cream (LOL), I would consider it.   Obviously it wasn't difficult for Pat to agree to my terms so now I am waiting for it to be painted and delivered.  I had to move a few things around to accommodate it but I'm pretty sure it will fit in with all the other lovely pieces I have purchased from her.  Normally I would paint it myself but living in an apartment and it now being winter, doesn't lend itself to painting on such a large scale.  Also, Pat will do a better job than I in taping around the glass.

I'm typing this in WordPerfect at the moment because my internet is down and has been for over 24 hours.  I am not happy, in fact I am a little lost without being able to keep in contact with all my lovely friends.  When I got up yesterday my internet and phone were both out, then later in the afternoon the phone came back on so I thought, yippee, everything is back to normal, but no, the internet wasn't back on and a little while after that the phone service went AWOL again.  Later in the evening the phone came back on yet again, but still no internet and of course without a phone or internet how can you inform your Internet Provider of the problem.  Laurie (down the hall) did send off an e-mail on my behalf but it being the weekend, did they even see it yet?  Anyway, I now have a call in to my IP and the waiting time is upward of 2 hours to get a reply.

My son, Gareth and his sweet lady, Chelsie took me to the movies this afternoon.  We went to see the new Tom Hanks movie (mmmmmmm, he gets better as he gets older), "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close".  It was okay but not having researched it, didn't realize that it was about a young lad's search for answers for what happened on that most terrible day.  I thought it had more to do with the event.

"Oskar is convinced that his father, who died in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, has left a final message for him hidden somewhere in the city. Feeling disconnected from his grieving mother and driven by a relentlessly active mind that refuses to believe in things that can't beobserved, Oskar begins searching New York City for the lock that fits a mysterious key he found in his father's closet. His journey through the five boroughs takes him beyond his own loss to a greater understanding of the observable world around him"  It was enjoyable.

This is a photograph of one of my son Dave's most recent pieces of art.  I love it - it fits in perfectly with my decor.

I acquired a few more bits and pieces to add to my Parisian theme.  I can always count on Pat for having something different with which to tempt me.

Bought some new coasters for myself and my son Gareth and Chelsie, his lady.  They were on sale and I didn't realize until I got them home how they also fit in with the rest of my junk treasures.

I've seen many postings of cloches and wasn't really aware of what they were or were used for.  The new kitchen store in the mall had some in their after Christmas sale and I thought it would be cute to own a couple, or three.  At present I'm kind of experimenting with them to find out how best to use them and at the moment I have little birds sitting inside them, poor little things, looks like they are imprisoned in Alcatraz!!

So all my dear blogging friends, what else can I use these for? They would hold about three normal sized cupcakes, so they are not very large, but the etched designs on them are so pretty.

I'm back on the Internet, oh how I missed it, but all is well - I think the problem was caused by the router for my wireless internet which could have been caused when the power went out in our apartment building recently, just for a minute, but perhaps enough to dislodge the connection?  I don't know because I know nothing of the weird and wonderful workings of computers.

Talk to you again soon, in the meantime, here is another adorable photo of my darling grandson.